Sunday, 18 August 2013

Robert Burton (Actor/Producer for "Whoa!" & "Dorner: Manifesto for Murder") to star in a new TV pilot aimed at Nickelodeon

Tron (Producer for G5 Entertainment Group & The Actors Edge Studios) to produce and star in a new TV pilot aimed at Nickelodeon's Teen crowd.
Says director and story writer Tony Sands "It's an extremely ambitious adventure about a person who unknowingly becomes the hero for this incredible alternate world.
There's action, villains, a love story, special effects galore, and a smartly driven character plot that will be much more cerebral than any recent shows to date, like Supah Ninjas. Without saying too much more about the plot, he'll be like Christian Bale, Tron, and Bat-Man combined... but safe for kids to watch."

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